Social and Economic Model of Interstate Public Relations

based on principles of Equality, Equivalence and Stable Equilibrium

Land and stock standart

as the mechanism of providing of the national convertible currency of the state with natural-raw, commercially-industrial resources

Introduction of the land and stock standard

– will break through all barriers, artificially created for the goods and technologies both in foreign and home market;

– will provide community of interests of citizens of the countries which became the joint owners of these riches, as state ownership will be distinctly reflected in currency with cash and rate;

– will act as the indicator of social-economic-legal, industrial processes in the country: the exchange rate falls — pay attention to those, “who do not want to live honestly”; gains “weight” — industry is on the rise and the majority of the citizens in the country are law-abiding ones;

– will provide the uniform stable purchasing capacity of the currency in all territory of the zone of the land and stock standard;

– will endow all able-bodied population of the country for the period of reforms with equal starting conditions (creation of a powerful middle class of proprietors);

– will render effective state help to those who are in need of it;

– will restore economic, cultural, interstate connections of the country;

– will create balance of economic and socio-political interests of the boundary states — PEACE over the WORLD;

– will establish new public, spiritual and economic relations of a man with nature, habitat and the society.

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